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Boutique Gives Back: Fourth Gen Entrepreneur Supports Women and Girls Through Her Global Style Brand

Coco Chic is a global style brand curated in Dallas, Texas.  It is not a big warehouse or impersonal factory with hundreds of turn-key styles released weekly.  The brand follows a true indie business model focusing on best serving repeat clientele through well-organized collections that meet functional needs.  Collections meet a range of needs including The Mom Edit, Date Night, and Athleisure options. 

A portion of all Coco Chic style purchases benefits community service efforts supporting women and girls.  Coco founder and creative director, Jennifer, says, “In this era it is so important to support the confidence and value of women and girls.  We are honored to be a resource and give back.” The brand even boasts the tagline, service with a style.

Jennifer is the founder and creative director for global style brand Coco Chic.  She is a doctoral scientist by trade, trained at Florida A&M and Howard Universities, which also means she’s a natural problem-solver.  Some of entrepreneurship can be learned and imitated, but she believes much of it is innate.  “Find one entrepreneur that does not have the natural inclination to address problems instead of being a passive complainer about them,” Jennifer said. 

She is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who has led her own business for the past ten years, starting in service-oriented work, now moving into retail.  The entrepreneurial legacy in her family began with her great-great grandfather who owned a corner store in early 1900’s Atlanta area.  Her grandmother later owned a clothing store in Cleveland called “The Dress Well”, and her mother founded her own consulting businesses and fed her creativity through entrepreneurial sales of decorative pieces. Jennifer’s grandfather was in the Navy and later launched the family catering business, involved his children as his working team. 


Jennifer advises entrepreneurs to focus on filling a gap, meeting needs, and giving back.  The success will come through consistently showing up and living your dream daily.  For Jennifer, owning a global style grand is about more than superficial fashion or beauty.  “Anyone who believes wanting to look nice is just about outward appearance is missing the point.  Great style builds the confidence for a woman to conquer the world, or at least, her day.” 

Jennifer is founder of Coco Chic, and lover of lattes and lipstick.  She’s a classic among the trends.  Connect with her @CocoChicStyles on Instagram.  Shop online at