Our Story

Our owner and curator, Jenn, is a third generation stylista with a heart for giving back. She started her career in the sciences yet creativity and style constantly call her name.  Faith, family, fitness, and fashion have been staples throughout her life.

Jenn grew up seeing her grandmother’s fashion magazines and colorful style as a routine part of life. Her grandmother owned a clothing store in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1970’s and maintained lifelong style full of classic black, reds, and plaids. Her other grandmother was always glam as she wore timeless and modest pieces. Jenn’s mother modeled recreationally, sewed her own maternity clothes, and sported a high end corporate style with accents of fun flair. 

Jenn learned that class and style was not about money, it was about the inner beauty of the woman walking into the room.  These three important women in Jenn’s life shaped her desire to have confidence, uniqueness, and style all her own. She is also inspired by the regal fashion consistently worn by her Delta sorority sisters a la our Peppermint Collection tribute. True to her dedication to service, a portion of all CCB proceeds benefits community programs for women and girls. 

CCB does not aim to be a big factory shop or warehouse, we're pursuing our passion for style and inspiring women through quality independent curation.  Our fashion lab is located in the Dallas, Texas USA area. We deliver service with a style as efficiently as our indie business can.

We understand that style speaks, and every woman deserves to feel bold, strong, and command attention with her best style. Shop around for classics and favorites.