Coco IRL

The online world of Coco is fully realized when our styles come to your door and you walk out feeling bold and confident.  We’d love to hear your story and buy you a latte.  Join our team at Lulu’s bakery at 805 White Street in Anna, Texas anytime. Or join us for yoga at a nearby Sunstone Yoga studio. Connect with us and Jenn is happy to chat with you there.  Anna represents true Dallas living, small town and friendly neighbors.  The Coco team is always available for a relaxing time to connect and inspire in real life!

Every Coco style and gift brings us the joy of helping women and girls community programs.  The programs we support range from education and economic awareness to domestic violence, health, and arts efforts. The programs are located mostly throughout the Dallas metroplex, and you can stay connected with live community events to attend with us through our Instagram page linked at the bottom of our site.  We’d love to see you in person!

Our pop-up studios are planned for various markets throughout town, include The Star – Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters, Ubuntu Pan African Connection Market, Frisco and Allen Mercantiles, holiday markets, and in-home studio events as well. Stay tuned to social for details.  Coco can’t wait to meet you!