Subscriptions and Style

Let’s talk subscriptions!  What subscription services do you love?  They make access to product so convenient.  Coco’s top three faves are Audible, FabFitFun, and Canva

Audible is awesome for busy women and moms who want some quality personal development and entertainment during commute time.  We have less time with all of our errands and responsibilities, but we don’t have to give up books!  You get one book credit per month, and the book value often exceeds the price of the actual book.  Totally worth it.  FabFitFun is a nice option for some quarterly product related to beauty and wellness.  It’s reasonably priced and packaged nice! And, since with know our Coco Crew is full of accomplished women, we have to recommend a Canva subscription. 

For those of you with your own businesses, or if you’re crafty and like to do your own invitations and cards, Canva is for you.  Check out all of its super user friendly graphic design features. And, for our business owners and professionals, this is a chic power outfit to wear to your next big meeting.  Style it with a blazer and some bright lipstick and you’re all set.  Tell us your favorite subscriptions on social, tag @CocoChicStyles! Shop the Style