Meet Coco's Owner

We sat down with Coco Owner and Curator, Jenn, to get a behind the scenes look at the boutique and her passion for style.  Here’s what she shared:

What’s your role? I created Coco and curate our timeless collections.

What’s a typical day like at Coco?  We connect with our Coco Crew on social and see what they’re getting into.  Then, we try to offer an inspirational or fun quote, and share our favorite styles.  We also try to make our styles come to life and write our Style Speaks blog to keep our clothes relevant to what’s going on that day.  We just spend our time connecting with women who support our mission of service with a style, being bold, and gaining confidence. That’s super important with a brand that drives much of our clientele from online interactions.  They need to know we’re real and we’re here for them.

Personality type? I’m your typical introvert.  I love the creativity of curating our collections.  I spend tons of time reading, learning, and fostering meaningful relationships with family and friends.  I’m a true INTJ and Enneagram 1. Critical, detailed, ambitious, passionate, loving, an advocate.

Values that drive you? Passion, dedication, consistency, honesty, love.

Favorite Quote: I can’t think of one right now. Seems like I’m always quoting something. But right now? I’m speechless, I’m never speechless.  Anything from the Good Book.

Favorite podcasts? The truth delivered from Steven Furtick’s Elevation podcast, Dr. Laura’s no nonsense advice, Suze Orman’s Women & Money, and The Mom Hour, they keep it real!

Favorite books? Turning pages and the smell of a fresh book are timeliness to me, but audio books work best with my schedule these days.  Any nonfiction books that are inspirational and educational, including devotions and faith filled books like Made to Crave, Mother & Son, and others.  Can’t wait to get into the smart wit of Trevor Noah’s book, and I’m learning to love Gabrielle Union’s energy and want to check out her book asap.

When you’re not working? Besides being wife and mom, cleaning my house, and cooking, I love vinyasa yoga and a good hike or any activity outdoors!