Infinite Outfits

What does capsule wardrobe mean to you? There's a whole minimalist culture out there that ranges from dabbling to die hard.  A capsule wardrobe for one may not be a capsule wardrobe for another.  Some believe it means you have a few trusty outfits that you can wear and rotate between.  Others believe it means you wear the same thing every day.

Coco's favorite interpretation of a capsule wardrobe is the smart combination of core pieces to yield infinite outfits.  The pieces should primarily be neutral - or at least complementary - so that you can pair colorful accessories to create an even more unique look.  The capsule should contain dresses, skirts, pants, and tops. Some patterns are fine, like our Love Ya, Mean It sweater pictured here.  The basic pattern keeps things fun, but still mix and matchable.  Start with our Minimalist Collection for ideas. 

It may take some time to transition from your current wardrobe, but investing in a capsule wardrobe makes getting dressed each day easier so that valuable energy can be spent on you changing the world.  Shop the Style